Dark Knight Plot Hole Rap

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As one of millions of people who like the new Batman franchise, and can't wait for Christopher Nolan to make part III, I must admit this song makes some valid criticisms regarding The Dark Knight.  (via io9).

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The Dark Knight was the worst movie ever. Yeah, Red Zone Cuba and Manos The Hands Of Fate were cinematic fucking GOLD! Get a life.
How about complaining about ligitement plotholes like the second cop Dent supposedly killed. He killed Whertz but let Rameriez live. Also, who flew the fuckin plane Batman skyhooked onto?
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Hyperbole is now synonymous with bold? Someone tell Merriam-Webster, I don't think they got the memo.

And yeah, it's a pretty funny video. The criticisms are kind of ridiculous, given the movie's content, but that's the nature of nitpicking.
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Yea every one of the "plot holes" can be explained pretty easily and make plenty of sense. These people didn't put as much effort into understanding the movie as they did pointing out supposed holes.

And Batman sounds that way because his cowl has a device that warps his voice!!!! Bale gets so much shit for it, but that's batman folks. Nerd up and learn.
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This is part of The Key of Awesome series. Very funny stuff. I like their "Lady Gaga vs. Lord Gaga" as well.

As for this one, I agree with this: At least they got rid of Joel Schumacher.
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