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While this woman is clearly an idiot, Russian adoptions are a whole nother can of crazy.

First up, Russian woman have no issue with abortion, and ready access. They end up having one or two wanted children and have no compunction about terminating unwanted pregnancies. So when you get a kid in an orphanage, odds are much higher than in other places that there is a serious reason the child has been abandoned. The older the child, the more it's been bounced around the system and rejected, and damaged.

At that point, attachment disorder is no joke. It's basically sociopath city. These are pet-killing situations, if not worse. Check it out before going whole hog on condemning this woman. She acted the irresponsible fool and surely added insult to clear injury for this child, but the reality was quite likely honestly horrific. It's very common and Russian adoption-specific. Happens a lot and the Russian government routinely hides profound psychological conditions from prospective adoptive parents. Single mothers are allotted less desirable kids. It's ugly.
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Your argument--essentially, "so what"--is just kind of short-sighted, and rests on the notion that written language just isn't all that.

But it's a lot more complicated than that. Written language is a whole 'nother dimension of communication, and if you can't participate in that dimension, you aren't able to connect in all the ways you might want to, or others might want you to. Not everything will be transmitted fully in oral modes. People don't usually "say books" describing their theories or life experiences. They don't "say" new sonnets they've been working out. There's a vast arena of life experience unavailable to people that don't get proficient with the written word.

And frankly, I had to read your first post a couple times before I understood where you were coming from because of the awol punctuation and jammed thoughts. It matters. We want to be understood and to understand others. Written language is incredibly powerful, and we should all have access to that or we are limited profoundly in so many ways.

I do take your point that blind people shouldn't be forced to be exactly like sighted people and that their unique ways of apprehending and communicating with the world should be preserved, but not, I don't believe, at the expense of the capacity to use the written word. It's too important.
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@Katey: Yeah, running for your life is embarrassing! If I don't have a giant cola costume at hand, I just break into an interpretive tree dance and then start squawking out Morse code for "Help, Police" like a deranged parrot. Embarrassment crisis averted.
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Oh my god...people are blaming the driver for Toyota's well-documented refusal to fix a lethal defect in their cars??

The late driver was a California Highway Patrol officer, by the way. Not a babe in the woods when it comes to...driving, I would think. And my thought when hearing his call was actually that he seemed quite articulate for being in a state of abject terror at his and his family's impending death. I'm willing to put money on the chance he tried like hell to use the brakes.

This is a major technological defect in Toyotas, with documented fatalities and lawsuits and congressional inquiries going back 8 years, which Toyota has ignored and whitewashed and not taken seriously until the broadcast of this 911 call, not a temporary freak hitch that the driver could have avoided if he wasn't such a pansy Loser.

Disgusting knee-jerk non-researching blame-fetish internet tough guys. Well done.
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There's some word she didn't know he was married. And definitely a bunny boiler, but kind of fantastic in its way, in its all-out craziness way. No, I don't want her as a girlfriend. Yes, I'm glad she exists. Bring the crazy.
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This pleases me. Is that a real screen shot? I can't be bothered to go to the link because I'm too good for that, but everything is grammatically and structurally perfect in that example. It's magic.
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