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Can't believe no one got this. It's the Super version of the folding plastic drinking cup with the built in soft pretzel holder.

Venus De Milo night Light would bring back memories
of when I last saw her.

(I told her to stop chewing her fingernails)
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What if he goes the wrong way following the power lines?

@Romeo Vitelli

Stunt? I suggest you look the word up in a dictionary.
Next time you're lost and the authorities decide you aren't worth the $100,000 it would cost to rescue you would you be happy? I doubt it.
Plus I think the folks that live that far out in the boonies are most likely prepared to handle a loss of power.
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@Miss Cellania

You had to say it!


Right on! Best part of the entire movie was the dirigible hanger! Where do you live?

(if they added vin instead of mentos would it go across the country)

(nice tie in with the hanger)
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Interesting in a weird sort of way. I get the music part but how do you know what time it is? By the time it's done another minute has arrived. Might only chime on the 1/4 hour.

(maybe it's why it's called the inscrutable Orient)
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I loved when the ape (okay it's not an ape but I can't spell orang....) pries open the dogs mouth and
drops a treat in it from his mouth. Then he quickly clamps the dogs mouth shut as if to say 'I'm not letting go til you swallow it'. GGG

Plus when he's holding the dog his huge grin cracks me up.
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Global warming IS real. It's man made global warming that's the hoax of the past 100+ years.

Makes me wish Global Warming were real.


That's a good thing.


I wondered about that. Since when did eBay become an authority on anything?

I read many years ago, maybe before there were miniskirts, that the height of hemlines was inversely proportional to the economy.
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"Everything that they did was awesome: except forfeiting the game. That is just stupid."

No, what's stupid is that you cannot comprehend the simple idea of sportsmanship. I pity you.
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"What baffles me, how we would know what the baby is hearing it? We have no way to know if the baby with cochlear implant is hearing the same way as other people do?"

Does it really matter? Isn't it simply wonderful enough that the baby experienced something that made him smile?
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