"Miniskirt Meteorology" Used to Predict Weather

There is a positive correlation between the sale of miniskirts and subsequent warmer weather:

The rises and falls in the length of skirts are said to be a good way of forecasting what the weather will be like three days in advance, based on research at eBay.

Analysts at the company said the length of skirts sold on the website becomes shorter several days before the weather changes for the better, and lengthens when colder conditions are due.

On occasions, the trend is said to have predicted a shift in the weather before any advice has been issued by the Met Office using more traditional meteorological methods.

Link | Photo via Flickr user colros used under Creative Commons license

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It's not based on research done by ebay, it's just using their sales figures, I assume. So ebay as an authority is irrelevant.

And it says this change precedes the weather forecast. It's not that any one person predicts everything, it's that thousands and thousands of simple guesses have a way to balancee out to accuracy. It's the same thing that ranks google search results and makes places like dig.com possible.
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The sale of miniskirts doesn't predict the weather, buyers are reacting to what the weather forecast already says. Does anybody think miniskirt buyers actually predict the weather? They may anticipate but only BECAUSE OF the weather forecast.
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Global warming IS real. It's man made global warming that's the hoax of the past 100+ years.

Makes me wish Global Warming were real.


That's a good thing.


I wondered about that. Since when did eBay become an authority on anything?

I read many years ago, maybe before there were miniskirts, that the height of hemlines was inversely proportional to the economy.
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