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This gives perspective on the easy availability of food in developed nations.
That hunter earned his food and respected the animal he killed.
Gabriel, It really must be hard work bringing back such a large animal. I don't know how they would do it.
As far as it being more cruel, I agree that the animal experienced more fear because of the duration of the chase, but it is more heartless to shoot a creature for pleasure.
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I am so impressed with this game.
I have never been able to guess what any of these objects are.
I am 41, have been to 35 countries, have had tons of jobs and am very curious about the world. I love to make stuff, take things apart, figure things out...
How do you so consistently baffle me?
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Here is a set of French curves on ebay.
They are not mine, I just saw them and thought someone might be interested. :)
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It is a good effect. I think ultra subtle use could give an almost subconscious trip effect. The lines are distracting. It would be nice to see with a rendering that gave half values and smoothing to the break points so they were not obvious.
Overall very cool. :)
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I loved Indonesia. I was there 2 months after the big Tsunami. I stayed at a beach town called Panganderan which sadly, was largely destroyed a few months later in another Tsunami. The people were wonderful and the landscape was amazing.
I go to Cambodia every year. I have Cambodian friends there. Cambodia is not swimming in tourists outside of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. I have been to remote corners of the country where tourists are extremely rare. I visited a hilltribe in Ratanakiri with an instamatic camera and gave people photos of themselves. They were so stoked. I remember a very serious old man who started smiling and then laughing, showing his picture to his friends.
The opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives often presents itself when I travel. It is important to think carefully before intervening, but donating notebooks and pens to a rural school is a little thing that makes a big difference. Or bring an old laptop you aren't going to use and give it to a college student or business.
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I think she is a great Mom and it was a small safe adventure for the boy. New York City is very safe. He is learning about freedom in a responsible way.
A lot of harm is done to children by being afraid to let them experience the world.
I've seen a 7 year old driving a small motorcycle with a boy about 2 on the back, in Siem Reap,Cambodia.
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Well, they sell bottles of liquor with snakes in it in Viet Nam. I took some pictures in Saigon a few years ago. I have one up on Flickr.
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