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The link to this story states that, "the patterns make it easy to fold and conform to almost any shape while maintaining structural rigidity and protecting the contents."

Pragmatic. Me like.
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CSI did a story about this false pregnancy syndrome a few years back. These women convince themselves they're pregnant that they pass a pregnancy test, start lactating and their bodies physically thinks that a baby is growing inside of them (ie. missed menstruation, pregnancy belly, the works) when in reality, it's all in their mind.
I wonder how her husband felt.
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Wow, the Twilight obsession needs to stop. Instead of carving an original piece of art, this guy decides to make one of an emo vampire (thanks for the description felixthecat). A new low.
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First of all, just because something is different or unusual does NOT mean that it's from the "stone age" or "backwards." Aside from that, I think that it's absolutely ridiculous that a COUPLE was arrested for showing their AFFECTION. Last time I checked love was not a bad thing.
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