Doctors Performed C-Section on Pregnant Woman and Found ... No Baby!

Remember the brouhaha over the story of a woman who didn't know she was pregnant? Well this is sort of like the exact opposite: doctors performed a C-section to find that the woman wasn't pregnant at all!

The woman reportedly appeared at the hospital with her husband asking for a C-section. A resident in charge made the pregnancy diagnosis and doctors agreed to surgery after trying to induce labor for two days. [...]

When they saw an empty uterus, they "closed her back up," Geszler told ABC News.

The medical condition is pseudocyesis (false or hysterical pregnancy) And yes, the woman can physically look pregnant, complete with extended abdomen and all.

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CSI did a story about this false pregnancy syndrome a few years back. These women convince themselves they're pregnant that they pass a pregnancy test, start lactating and their bodies physically thinks that a baby is growing inside of them (ie. missed menstruation, pregnancy belly, the works) when in reality, it's all in their mind.
I wonder how her husband felt.
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I for one am happy that you didn't post a picture of a C-section. My SIL stayed awake through two of them, and I cringe just THINKING of watching someone come near my baby-belly with a knife.
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False pregnancies with full symptoms really aren't that unusual... but 'ya gotta wonder WHY at no time before the C-section did NO ONE perform an ultrasound???
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