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Too bad the blessing doesnt reach me in the form of a scratch off loto big winner. My job involves spending 6 days a week and countless hrs overtime, just to perpetuate the myth of the underdog and whatever beauty that is derived from my labor is overlooked and the efforts underpaid and I am replaceable. life is the impermanence of life. effort is futile. The best thing is to leave no trace, so that when I die right now, then another monk can take my place and show that there is no salvation but that which is a stretched out belief, like a skin over a bridge. Sooner or later a baby will sustain its existence as a genius human and change something within our path and the bigger the population the bigger the odds and the more futile we are in return.
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Actually, they used to be nonchalantly sitting in a display case on the 2nd fl. at the Donnell Branch on 53rd, before it closed a couple(?) of years ago. The ragged posse were then moved over to 5th and 42nd.

Also, here's the NYPL story link:

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JBoogie: I read a book today as a matter of fact. It was one of those 'cover to cover/I can't put down' types. Anyway, I say he's faking it. The screwy eye contact lens is a nice touch though.
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First strange thought that popped into my mind was not to do one's taxes on this table if you have a household with kids. Get up to go get or do something and come back and find little timmy winding the handle and shredding your tax forms.
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We are Specimen
We are Spacemen
We are Devo

Not EVEN worth a non-existant iphone4.

I wonder how bad counterfeiting is with U.S. bills these days, or does this reflect updating intelligence of tools?
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drunken accident
it's not like the iphone4 has a new pepperspray release button. They only wave here is the ceramic backing (well, and yeah, that whole 'Mighty Apple Fortress' thing). So after enjoying a lunchbreak reading in the NYT and straight from the Gizmodo's mouth...Oh, by the way, Does Gizmodo always write like that?...
I wonder how this will be officially released now?
I could care less about iphones. What intrigues me is how we as a human populace are suckered into 'techno power worship'.

Why do I find this slip so exciting???
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maybe I should of used the word ontological instead of existential. Because sometimes I believe that it's like 'The Missing Piece" and that search for inteligent life is as if holding up a mirror to ourselves.
I did think nonchalantly beyond the graves of all the yesteryears and those ahead. And I did think a bit of what you have well said , but what I gather is that if a discovery occurred within our lifetimes (now)--as in earth looking out into space, then Google takes a portion of the moon or whatever and begins an express route towards an evolutionary chain reaction. If we become disconnected from ourselves biologically to the point in which our extinction is a byproduct for connecting universal intelligence, then doesn't that possibility open an emptiness within us along the way? This thought comes from the idea that we ourselves will most likely not make contact, or our ancestors, but we may through technological means. So the profound affect on our cultural development is a real big question mark to me. You are right, but I just see it as a phantom pain, albeit, a bionic man prosthetic replacement.

It's easy to get complicated and convoluted here. I love it.
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A nice ending to an interesting article, but I disagree. Wouldn't it make us more alone as a wider stretch of void opens existentially by the discovery of whatever intelligent life is beyond our capabilities of reaching?
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