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Many were attractive. Many hurt my eyes. NONE of them actually conveyed information in a useful fashion.

Some used text that was far too small (The Parking Sign is at least 7 foot off the ground. The text is maybe a 14 pt font.). Some overlaid text in colors in fashions that made it unreadable (the maid service poster. The background says $10 an Hour. I figured this out by looking at the original. It just made me go blind). Some were inaccurate (The missing pet posters now all have pictures of animals that aren't representative of the actually animal missing).

I love good design. But some people need to realize there is a fine balance between art and communication. These pieces needed to communicate, not just look pretty.
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Wow, that's got to be one of the worst commercials ever, because I was feeling sympathetic to the guy. "How dare Video Mailbox take down the small business owner! Those guys are #&@holes!"

Apple sorta ran into the same thing with their Mac Vs PC commercials where everyone loved PC, who had all the good lines.
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Is just about everyone missing the Cindy McCain connection with this?

Cindy McCain is owner & chair of Hensley & Co, one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributers in the US. John McCain himself worked for the company as VP of Public Relations before getting into politics.

Anheuser-Busch's flagship product is... Budweiser.
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I got 100%, but to be fair, I actually have used/came in contact with nearly ever application on the list. Despite that. I couldn't remember exactly which was info path and which was groove.

I have no idea why Frontpage has an arrow for its icon. It looks far more like what excel should have. And Frontpage has been replaced by Expression anyway... and application suite with random colored ribbons as their icons. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to tell them apart if I'm color blind.

In OSX's version of office, we just have Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Messenger, and Entourage. Every app is represented by the first letter in its name. Well, except for Excel, it has an X. Oh, and messenger has a little man with no lower half. Oh, and the whole suite is represented by an O that looks nothing like an O.

Other than that, it makes perfect sense.
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And to add to my post - St Mungo is the patron saint of salmon because Glasgow was a salmon fishing village before he built his Monastery there.
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My last name is Mungo & my heritage is Scottish, so I personally think St Mungo is the coolest on the list. I mean, how many saints are the patrons saint of people accused of breaking commandments? (He's the patron of those who have been accused of Adultery. That's where the ring in the fish comes in. He proved she was faithful.)

The Coat of Arms of Glasgow is interesting because It has a saying by him on the bottom that has been edited to be secular. The original was "Lord, let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of the word," but it's been edited down to simply "Let Glasgow Flourish".

When Harry Potter first introduced St Mungo's, I got so many phone calls on the release date letting me know that "I" was in the new book. I've been thinking of getting a St Mungo's (HP Version) tattoo.
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After years dealing with Beverly Hills society, the Clampetts finally finished building their summer compound where they could get away from it all.
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I think it's great that Google made their masseuse a millionaire. After all, the 'beta' name for Google when it was just a research project at Stanford was 'BackRub'.
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wow... I actually liked the song.

Esp since it's apparently about (or at least repeatedly references) Michael Jackson. Just the chorus has 3 references and the end of the song actually quotes him, but puts the two lines in reverse order.
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