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If it's for real and can be greatly refined, then it might be useful
for determining what if anything a comatose patient or "vegetative"
individual is "thinking" in terms of generating images if they are able to do so.
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As a kid I feared dogs and bees and people. Outgrew the first two. Then in my thirties, had a morbid fear of bridges and tunnels (and still, people). Got over the bridge phobia (one of my jobs required driving over one each day, so I got de-sensitized quickly). Still not crazy about tunnels though -- or people.
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All over the place here in Washington & Oregon states. Tons.
A few hail marys should do it. Except that Maryland was an RCC
haven, which explains why they their hail marys are no good.
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Ah! Dona death! I know her well.
Just love all that paganism and pseudo-christianity
wallowing together in one big crap hole. Is why
I adore the church!!
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Great video until queer-boy Elton's "music"
destroyed an innocent moment. For that, give me
10 Hail Marys, say the rosary 5 times, get down
and give me 50.
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Loved ghost recon games. Played 'em on the old mac and the graphics and play were excellent -- and seemed real -- too real. Can't find these games for anything now. At least not for mac.

I agree with tony on this. The media has been one-sided and has not explored documentation of the Ossetian situation. I'd like to see more on that, but not with Putin or any Russian giving lectures on it. He's untrustworthy to say the least.
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Didn't George Carlin point out that the whole purpose of human existence was to design and manufacture plastic for mother nature? That mother nature NEEDED plastics so she's allowed us to inhabit just long enough get the plastic production up to speed just before we annihilate ourselves? He's got a video on this somewhere on youtube.com -- oh yeah, here it is -- about 5 min 18 sec. into this video Carlin lectures on the importance of "plastic" :

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Like it. Soon to be sold in the USA too. Am surprised however that they didn't incorporate solar panels or suggest geothermal fittings etc. Sounds like these would be <100K if sold here with taxes, installation, delivery etc. They emphasize these are temporary housing however. Guess they'd be more ideal for hunters, bird watchers, beach bums etc. in that case. Could add modules too.
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Why doncha build a damned plank on the underside of the penthouse so she can walk over from the elevator ya maroon!

For that you must recite two hail marys & say the rosary 10 times. Twerp.
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