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That's awesome. Medieval English villagers were actually required by law to all bare arms to help keep the peace. This was something that was taken very seriously and you could be jailed for not having a sword or bow in your cottage. Look it up. I'm glad to hear someone called a longbow practice. That's a great law to have. And Mitch, you are correct sir. Bows, arrows and beer IS a winning combination! After all, if yo
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Ok, this might sound weird, but bear with me. I have a story of a famous cat from my elementary school. My third grade teacher kept the skeleton of her dead cat in the classroom to help teach anatomy. This was back in the '80's, and the cat had gone down into her basement and chewed on some Christmas lights and got zapped to death, just like in the movie Christmas Vacation. My teacher boiled it down and reconstructed the bones on a wooden platform. Every kid at West View Elementary knew and loved that cat skeleton. I'm not making this up. That cat was famous in death.
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It's seems A Confederacy of Dunces was cursed from the beginning. John Kennedy Toole hung himself in his mothers attic before the book was a success. As a matter of fact, it hadn't even been published yet. The manuscript was sitting in a box in his mom's house and when she discovered it after his death, she was the one who took it to a publisher. I wasn't aware of the actors attached to play the lead until reading this, but with Belushi, Candy, and Farley involved, it's safe to say this movie is cursed. We don't need a dead Will Ferrell on our hands. BTW, I loved the book.
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Either that's a lion or a really fashionable tiger with very stylish, wavy long hair. Makes me want to run my fingers through it. That tiger has class.
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He must be a Disney character himself. Without people like this, the world would be a pretty boring place because we wouldn't have anyone to comment about on the interwebs. He's still a stone cold wack job though. Crazy as a loon.
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Loved it. Really enjoyed the sets and costumes. Well done and I think we'll probably be seeing more of this Brandon McCormick in the future. He's very talented.
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100% true. It's as though they are too busy lighting their cigars with money to form a complete sentence or attempt to be grammatically correct. Maybe, they feel they are too important to actually put the time into composing a proper email. It drives me crazy. As a matter of fact, they are too important for anything. "Why isn't my assistant writing this email for me? Fine, I guess I have to do everything myself!" If you ask me, they often times act like babies.
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Green. Berry. Hill. That story was part of the opening sequence of P.T. Anderson's movie Magnolia. Along with a few other urban legends like the guy found dead in a tree wearing full scuba gear. True or not?
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I was down in St. Petersburg a few years back and had the chance to visit the Dali museum. If you're ever down there and get a chance to go, it's a must see. What amazed me was the enourmous size of some of the canvases he painted on. We are all used to seeing his work in books or pictures and have no idea the scale of some of these things. Some of his most famous works are utterly enormous and some are teeny tiny. It was strange and surprising to see. The Dali museum is an awesome place.
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