7 Jobs That Sound like a Joke

There are a number of real-life occupations out there with titles equally (if not more) crazy. You might tell someone you are a bikini inspector or a mattress tester, but these people can tell about their occupation with a straight face. Can you imagine making a living by watching paint dry?

One such person is Keith Jackson from the UK, who for the last 30 years, has been assessing the time it takes for his company’s paint to dry. By gently touching test area on his work station wall, Mr. Jackson times how long it takes for a paint to stop being wet. It might seem horribly unnecessary, but keep in mind that there are places out there which have to occasionally be painted in record fast time (like subway stations or freeways), and it’s up to Mr. Jackson to see just how his company’s formula is holding up.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by milos87.

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Paint Dry, Mosquito Gatherer, and Egg Breaker seem like fakes (or at least not a current job).

Moisture detectors (via fricking lasers no less) is common in industry, Automated Egg separation has been done in large scale bakery's for at least a decade, and last time I talked with a Malaria researcher, they raise their own mosquitoes by the hundred's of thousands (feeding them cow's blood).

Plus there are several Ag centers doing research on automated chick sexing (most use samples of the egg fluid, a marker, and CCD detection to determine the sex - that parts simple, the hard part is making it automated so they can run the eggs thru a fast sampling machine without breaking the eggs or infecting the chicken embryo).
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