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And for the record, no I don't want him stealing anything from me. Yes, I would shoot him if he came into my home. Yes, stealing is wrong. Crime is not difficult, but getting away with it is. Yes, I've had my house broken into and had things stolen and it pissed me off. No, I'm not "young and self important". I don't envy the life he's chosen for himself and don't want it for myself. And as for his mother, a parent will always defend their child. She's not an idiot. She's a mother. She may have been a bad one, but that's not for us to judge. And I still think his story is as cool as it gets.
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All right, no one remembers Bonny and Clyde, or Robin Hood, or Billy the Kid or Jesse James. And no one ever wrote a book about an interesting criminal like Charles Manson, Pretty Boy Floyd or Al Capone. No movies have ever been made about Frank Abignale Jr. or George Jung. Huckleberry Finn and Holden Caulfield, although fictional, were a total waste of time and we should forget all about the fact that this entire country was founded by rebels and non-conformists. Yes, it seems as though Colton Harris-Moore is doomed to be forgotten by Americans and omitted from the history books. After all, a story as unoriginal and uninteresting such as his hasn't sparked any internet debates or media frenzy at all. Our kids may not be learning about him in their high schools social studies class, but he will make an interesting footnote in the history of American folk heroes.
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Oh man. You guys are boring. Really? There's no one out there that thinks this kid's story is cool? And I'm sorry for the jerk comment. Of course I don't think any of you are jerks. And you are all right. Crime sucks, the kid is a criminal, I don't want him stealing from me. He will get caught eventually. But still. You don't think it's all kind of romantic? This is a once, maybe twice in a century crime story. Years and years down the road, we'll still be talking about it. And we'll have forgotten all about that stupid guy who locked himself in a convience store while breaking into it and all the other dumb criminals like the guys who tie ATM's to pickup trucks and try to drive off with them. The unoriginal bank robbers who pull a gun or write a quiet note and are caught 20 minutes later. And when they catch this kid, it's going to be awesome when he escapes from jail and makes the cops look retarded all over again. Please continue with your opposing opinions directed toward me. I still think the kid is awesome.
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All right, all right. Crime doesn't pay, etc. And I'd be pretty mad if I was one his victims. And I typically hate criminals because of their lack of empathy towards other and all around selfishness. But c'mon. This stuff reads like a Hollywood screen play. Look at what this kid has pulled off. Could you have taught yourself to fly a plane just by reading a book when you where 17? Could you have stolen cars and broken into houses without getting caught when you were that age? Are you smart enough to pull it off now? I mean, we know better, sure, but you can't deny the brilliance of this kid. And who wants the same old boring news stories about dumb criminals. We need another young outlaw hero. Another Jesse James or Billy the Kid. And this kid never hurt anyone. He's making the world interesting.
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I've been following this kid's story for years and it is one of the oddest, most awesome true stories ever. You can't make this stuff up. I'm a huge fan, the kid is a crazy genious and I hope they never catch him. See for yourself. Start Googling to learn more and if you're not impressed, you're probably kind of a jerk. Fly Colt, Fly!!!!!!!!
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@Renacier: Well said!
Gene or no gene, history of being abused or not, you've still gotta pay if you kill someone. It's an excuse, sure, and it may help us understand WHY someone did it, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't have to pay the piper.
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Thanks Miss Cellania! I'm two hours into scrolling through that site and I can't stop smiling. For anyone else who likes this site, you may also want to check out It's full of this type of stuff also, but has old tv commercials, movie trailers, and all sorts of great stuff from the 70's, 80's and 90's. I'm having a nostalgia meltdown. I'm a kid again!
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What's with all the sweets? Germans must think we are one chocolate loving nation. When I think of American food, I think hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza... basically anything you'd find at a baseball game or a backyard cookout. Chocolate milk doesn't really come to mind. It's kind of embarassing to see what Germans consider ethnic American food. But also, American food is Italian, Mexican, Chinese, etc. Every nation under the sun has contributed. The only truly, 100% American foods I can think of off the top of my head is BBQ, hotdogs, and hamburgers. It seems like almost everything else has it roots from some other country.
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Vietnamese poop traps. Put 'em in the bottom of a pit, poop in them, cover the pit with leaves and twigs and watch those bumbling Americans fall in. Poop infects the wounds. No prize for me please, just a good kick in the pants to set me straight.
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