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Hehe! "Tribes". Some of these recognized tribes and many of the unrecognized ones didn't even exist after the 1600s/1800s and were only recently "rediscovered". Their members can be whiter and blonder than yours truly- "Mr. WASP" -and some tribes are indistinguishable from any Harlem street corner crowd.

These "rediscovered" and "reconstituted" tribes, though, always seem to have millions of dollars immediately upon recognition to build casinos. Meanwhile, many actual Indian tribes languish in poverty and alcoholism too far away from anywhere to make a casino worthwhile for anyone to invest in.
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Stoopid metric system. Deserved to fail, though it has made some incursions into popular culture: liter bottles of soda instead of a proper gallon, and 5K charity races. What is so bad about a 5 mile charity race? No one knows.

The Fahrenheit measurement is superior to the Celsius that it is a wonder that anyone bothers with the latter at all. There is true stubbornness.
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