Barefoot Bandit Busted!

To the horror of his teenage Facebook fans and Hollywood screenwriters everywhere, After two years on the lam, 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore AKA the "Barefoot Bandit" was arrested after a high-speed boat chase in the Bahamas:

The marina's security director, Kenneth Strachan, saw a barefoot young man about 2 a.m. Sunday carrying a gun with a knapsack over his shoulder running up the dock. "They're going to kill me," the man told Strachan, according to a statement issued by the resort.

The man had arrived on Harbour Island from the nearby island of Eleuthera in a 15-foot skiff, said resort manager Anne Ward in the statement. Strachan put out a call for help, telling Ward to come as soon as possible.

Upon her arrival, Ward told guards to disable the skiff's engine as the man ran through the resort property, attempting to steal a boat from a nearby house as a crowd gathered at the marina, the statement said.

However, Ward said he ran aground in the second boat, as he didn't realize how shallow the water was. Police and marina authorities surrounded his boat, and police shot out its engines, she said in the statement.

"At one point, the boy threw his computer in the water and put a gun to his head. He was going to kill himself. Police talked him out of it." Authorities loaded the suspect into the resort's work truck and took him to the Harbour Island police station, she said.

It's unclear whether Colton's mom still think this whole orderal is "neat": Link - via Boing Boing

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I have to hand it to the kid, this was a pretty fascinating past 2 years as this teenager through cops on a goose hunt across the U.S., Canada and the Bahamas.
There's an interesting video on all of this at It's worth looking at/commenting on if you have a few minutes:
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He's still young, and his crimes were escalating. If he wasn't stopped, someone was going to get hurt.

Sure, he hadn't hurt anyone so far... but he did have a gun, didn't he?
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I read this yesterday in the BBC and it made me mad...
This kid won't get anything but juvie.
He's not a hero. He's lucky and his mom is stupid and should be held accountable for ridiculously poor parenting.

Be our luck, this lazy punk gets hired by the government or a giant company while the rest of us who work hard all the time get little for it.

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