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absolute block signalling device. fit is for the safe operation of a railways and prevents more than one train from using a route simultaneously.
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one day when the United States of Awesome wins a Soccerball® tournament, you'll change your opinion. You could change the rules of Soccerball® by having two teams, one dee-fence and one oh-fence. You can make the goal posts smaller and put two goal keepers in. They can wear padding and a funny hat. They can be armed with Soccerball® bats to hit the ball away. You can make the ball bigger too. There will be carnival music playing over the PA system, dancing girls and you can buy Fluff® burgers at the concession stand. You can arrange your own World Series Soccerball® Tournament and win every time!

Now that would be a game worth watching!

About the video, it's great even if the accents are terrible and the locals speak patois.
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I like the lime green Eames chair in the background.

@vonSkippy - so if you had a gazillion bucks you'd still drive your crappy car?
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dooflotchie - you are also assuming that the number of cats bought from licensed breeders is somehow close to the number of feral or abandoned moggies.

I reserve the right to select my cats. I have two Siamese. I also reserve the right to select my partner and mother of my children. Shall we all forgo selecting our partners and having children and instead adopt all the street urchins from India or china?

You are an idealist and unrealistic. As for wearing a sign around my neck 'proclaiming to be trendy and care less about pet overpopulation...' are you for real?

Chip, shoulder...
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Epic Fail! Cats will not suffer being insulted by having their intelligence tested with biscuits tied to pieces of string. This test proves the opposite that this human, in this case, was less intelligent than the cats. Doh!
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