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This is truly PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MIT???? WTF???? These social retards are obligated to be make our lives better by finding ways to better it not defeat it by creating a stupid fucking HUT so anti-social morons can hide out cause they cant function in the REAL WORLD. HELLO ...WAKE UP AND ASK A GIRL OUT YOU DOUCHE BAG. It really freaks me out that these people jerk off in front of a computer when the could get the BALLS to do it with a human. I am so disgusted with these people. Is this really Drawinism.? NOPE
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I would beat the shit out of anyone that danced like that at a club. Effen stupid. That takes alot of talent. It's popular with the obese,lazy,stoned hip hop crowd. Which accounts for 99% of them. Yeah I said it so what?
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Jazz? That shemale is gonna get a beat down in school with a name like that.This is so stupid to even bring attention to.Jazz told mommy "no I'am a good little girl" and Mommy says "DUH,UHHHH,OK you are a girl."WTF?
Look,if my 5 yr old boy did this I would say no you are a boy,you have a penis.If you think your a girl,then go do the dishes,wash my clothes,go shopping,and whine about every little detail on gods green earth.LOL
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I am an optician in Madiosn,Wi.Our practice has had a retinal imaging device called an Optomap or Optos.It was thought of by a Scotsman 10+years ago when his son went blind in one eye due to an retinal detachment unseen by a n O.D.(Thats why you need to get an fundus exam every year boys and girls).
It has a red and green laser that scans the retina in .25 secs and gives us 200 degree view of the retina.Awesome device plus we have caught numerous patients that wouldve lost their eyesight if it were not for the Optomap.Pt's also love the fact that we can email these images to them .Sreensaver anyone?
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I have been reading Neatorama for sometime now and got my fill of everyone's addiction to Super Mario. Thinking it was a few nerds getting bonners off it....well it turns out I cant read Neato. without some ref. to Mario. PLEASE..Let it go,it's worn out it's welcome. J.CH$%ST!
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