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@Ohm, isn't it true that unexperienced bikers would fall using this wheel rather than experienced bikers like myself running 25 km. per day to and back from work?

I'm interested because i find E-bikes too bulky and heavy, if it is true what those MIT geeks claim i as a dutchman am too say the least fascinated.
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As far as i'm concerned the best thing ever was going to the Wold Championship in germany wearing an orange helmet resembling a WWII helmet of a german soldier,
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I've taken the task to build one in 2010, call it a good resolution, follow it on my friends blog here, or on my photoblog

when finished i will blog it here on neatorama and we'll have a blast.
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LOL @ Foreigner1, it sure looks like that.

It looks interesting but over the top and kinda ugly too, as a native Rotterdammer i wouldn't like to have that in front of my house.,+Rotterdam&sll=47.829956,-1.670919&sspn=0.001264,0.002929&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Pieter+de+Hoochweg,+Rotterdam,+Zuid-Holland&ll=51.908511,4.458593&spn=0.001162,0.002929&t=h&z=19
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You can leave that presumably out, the video is in dutch.

This project is part of the construction of the new central railwaystation in Rotterdam, it was done on top of the constructionsite.
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Like Hans said, you guys/gals did't read the website of waterpleinen.

This picture looks just like Heemraadsplein though, which is a stone-throw away from where i live, i look forward to seeing it.

I myself a involved in a 330 m2 green roof over my head, buffering almost 7000 liters of water if necessary.
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50 million people can't get medical insurance and this nation is involved with cat-rescue. However cute the cat may be, you need to take care of your own, your neighbour, the bum on the street, people who work but can't get dental insurance, damn you're a nasty bunch.

Kind regards from the netherlands, where we do take care of both the cat and the fellow citizens instead of being proud of saving just one kitten.

And don't come talking about euthanasia and abortion 'cause it has jack shit to do with helping people, fuck y'all for not listening to righteous policies.
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Luckily the dutch were liberated by largely canadian (and polish and even morroccan) forces since the americans had a policy in france and belgium of first levelling the place and kill am all an let god sort them out. This prevented the dutch of suffering more casualties than nessacery. Holland was apart from Denmark the last country to be liberated and in Holland especially (Holland is only two provences of the netherlands) we commemorate the 26.000 that starved to death in winter 44/45.
Of course history could not be more cruel, the first thing the new dutch government in '45 did was planning to re-occupy the dutch east-indies. Liberty was soon taken as an excuse to enforce dutch law on the indonesians, sad but true.

and yes i'm dutch, and i feel ashamed
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