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*face palm*

RE Thomas' note of my poor writing skills: I probably should proof read more! Hopefully my point is still seen despite the grammatical flub.
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"Neatorama is not a political blog."

The crazy amount of politically related material is leading me to believe otherwise. Please neatorama, stop posting things that have a political bent to them. The majority of us are getting annoyed and fed up with it. I can't speak for the majority of us, but I am tired of hearing/reading/seeing news and posts about Obama. I come here to try and get away from that, and here you are slappin his name and face up everywhere. Your readers don't want to leave, but we starting to think our time can be wasted more to our liking someplace else.
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Don't all Presidents have the potential to do great things with the country? Why all the special treatment for Obama?

Neatorama, stop posting political things. Most of them are not neat, and you yourself have said this is not a political blog.
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Plasmator: it must be his destiny that he found it. Some of the commenters are relying too much on science and reason!

Maybe one day he'll have to figure out how to move the US?
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Well said Craig. An I also have to wonder what the point of the oath is. I would think 99% of Americans would naturally want to uphold the things in this oath, so what's the point?
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When I started the test, I thought the goal was to look at the person and determine if they were going to shoot you, regardless of gun or phone in hand. You know, like if someone is holding a gun for a legit reason while innocent, or a guy has a cell phone to distract you from the gun he's got in his other hand. So, half of the test I was judging the "character" or "motive" of the person, not what was in hand. Then I realized that the "innocent" ones had phones, and the "shooters" had guns. When I realized that, I started shooting the guns, not the person holding them.

I guess that means the test is racist/speciesist against phones or guns. While fun, the test is horribly flawed.
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