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there's more articles, these are just the first two that popped up in google. kinda hard for newsweek to fake an entire interview i would think....
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@Clotho, part of the reason it's a big deal is because it was a grassroots campaign to get her to host. i think, but i'm not sure, that lorne had always rebuffed the suggestion of her hosting.

that, and they're bringing back a bunch of the women who've left, you know, back when it was still pretty funny. tina fey, rachel dratch, maya rudolph, i think cheri oteri's going to be on there. so, hopefully it'll be a step up from what it's been.
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can't stop reading these...

some of them, you can't help but giggle or roll your eyes.

like the one where the mother was frantic because her child ate two gummy vitamins instead of one. glad she was upset instead of indifferent, but a lot of them seem to be people lacking decent sense...
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managed to install linux on my 2nd gen ipod nano just for the heck of it...

other than that, i'm more of a jack of all trades knowledge nerd...
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@Edward, would you really stop to think about the logic of the situation before diving in?

"Oh my god my baby's drowning!"

"Well why don't you go in and save them?"

But made up or not, I wouldn't hesitate to save the (fake) baby. A wallet's contents can be replaced, the guilt of possibly letting an infant drown doesn't usually go away....
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ohhhhh Hackers, not only was it so out of touch (even for the 90s) when it came to anything electronic (animated representations of servers anyone?) it was so riddled with slang and pop-culture references that were probably out of style by the time the movie released that to watch it now is absolutely hilarious.
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naive anger at troll's irrelevant statement, therefore pulling the discussion even further from the actual subject at hand.

sidenote about enjoying the storyline, before exposing lack of cinematic knowledge by stating that the filmmakers should have used a popular actor whose name no one will remember in three years.
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