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@ :15 TV turns on. I see a rock pigeon and hear a great horned owl.

Who produced this? City people know what a pigeon sounds like. Country people know what an owl sounds like. This must be alien propaganda.
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Once the machines start to take over we will blot out the sky and they will turn to us for their power source. I for one am looking forward to the One that the Oracle prophesied will bring down the Matrix.
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The "Cooking with clean burning stoves" section of that article made me think of something I've been doing a lot of research on recently. Some people are trying to make anaerobic digesters more popular in developing countries to use organic waste to make biogas since it is comprised of mostly methane.

Here are a couple of references to illustrate.
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In my opinion, arguing that global warming is not caused or sped up by humans sounds a lot like an excuse to stay rooted in our habits. Humans are creatures of habit, and we can't deny we've already destroyed a lot in our time here, whether or not we are destroying the atmosphere. I personally believe we are. I say, even if we aren't the cause, why not be cleaner? Afterall, it can only help, besides the prospect of opportunity and ingenuity. A few people will develop some viable businesses while this is on everyone's mind. I think people do more arguing to keep from acting.

When has developing efficient practice ever hurt?
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@ Biker

You're right, technically it is a propeller judging by the image. For the most part propellers work with axial rotation and impellers work with centrifugal rotation. Most pumps do have impellers, but the configuration shown in the diagram is a propeller.
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chrome: Leash is right. I got rid of my personal phone, hey no phone bill. Yay! Now, if no one answers the phone at any of the branches I manage it gets forwarded to my sweet ass Blackberry. And if I'm on the phone for 5 min, the second I hang up there are 10 emails to reply to. Awesome.

Hey Scotch come live the dream.
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One other thing the article completely ignores...Blackberry. I'm on the road a lot so my company gave me a Blackberry which is used for the sole purpose of taking away any excuses I have for not responding to an email in a short amount of time. It's in the company handbook "within 5 min".

BTW Scotch

I get hundreds of emails a day, 80-90% of them are important enough to make my company grind to a halt within hours if left unanswered. I prioritize on the fly. I think that falls under the real life category.
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Also important, I am held liable to what I say and hold other people liable to what they say. Email is a great for making people keep their promises. It's in black and white.

Joe: I never said such and such.


Joe: Grr
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