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I was an RA in a freshmen male dorm over 20 years ago, and it wasn't all that different then. Though we weren't allowed to "shoo" parents out the door, we could get creative. For instance, if a guy was obviously dying for his parents to leave, I'd ask the guy to help another resident move some of his stuff in. Usually the parents would realize that was their cue to leave.
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Lulu, I agree with you 100%. The young lady in question is missing the point of the lesson. It's not that she became the best "slave", but rather that she cultivated mental discipline; what my father called "stick-to-it-ive-ness"... something she'll appreciate in years to come.
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But if I happened to run into this thing in the wild (and I didn't immediately drop dead of fright), how dangerous is it?
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Quite an impressive list. But do you know what male scientists have discovered and/or developed? EVERYTHING ELSE.

heh heh... sorry, couldn't resist.
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@Ro, you're right of course. Which is probably why I'm not an artist; too literal. Plus no talent. But at least I'm not pretentious.
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Too many rungs. If we made the character for "moon" ("yue") into a ladder, it would only have two rungs below the top rung.

So Mr. Mak, you're a multicultural AND an artistic failure.
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I can't say I'm a fan, but I respect how he's getting out there and DOING something. You may not like it, but he's being original.

Rock On, Perry!
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"ET's next port of call should he make a return visit"? Wow, you really took the time to type those words, huh? A bold choice. Anyway, I think you're confusing "E.T." with "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". The latter featured aliens landing at Devil's Tower, which sort of resembles the volcanic plug.
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Plus all the idiots asking the vendors "so, what were you in for?" I'm not a felon, but I'd stab the 100th guy who asked me that.
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Communism was just a red herring!

Just watched it this past weekend. LOVE IT. Everyone at the top of their comedic game.
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