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From a naturalistic standpoint,trees are the eyes to history. They are living, as are we. So to say they experience nothing, well it's just impossible.

" said that The Senator is a "species" of bald cypress? That would mean that there are at least several of these "Senators." But your article implies that there is only one."

"The Senator", a species of Bald Cypress, is the only Bald Cypress referred to as "The Senator". Senator is the name, it's the largest known individual specimen and a species of conifer native to the southeastern United States.
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At first glance, this tree has no branches on the lower part, so you would be right about that. I think The Senator is more revered for being old, because I know there are several Sequoias(General Sherman of course) that are higher and have larger diameters. The age on this Bald Cypress, though, puts her in the oldest category in the world.
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This would be an ancient internet meter to tell you when you're online. Or it's one of those ancient sex meters that lets people know that their next in line to be serviced. he he
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This place is amazing. To think, I never knew anything like this existed, but it does remind me of the Terra Cotta Army as well.

I'm jealous you get to see the Terra Cotta Army up close Stickman.
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I have to disagree with you, respectfully. I think that Native Americans had an understanding with these animals, as well as the Cro Magnon. It's almost like they discussed what was going to happen to them prior. They had a purpose I guess. There was a mutual agreement.

I'm against the art of hunting, as you've made it abundantly clear that you are as well. However, you can't assume that hunters back then just did it for sport. Of course they had to eat, but I think they had much more respect for the animals. The same can't be said for hunters nowadays. Not all hunters, but many.

Where hunters today will murder the animal and mount it on a wall, back then they used every part of the animals to stay warm, eat, and for spiritual purposes.
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