Amateur Photographers's Space Photos Intrigue NASA

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Robert Harrison launches weather balloons armed with a camera and a GPS locator and takes fantastic pictures of the earth from the upper atmosphere. The father of three was contacted by NASA after taking space pictures with his homemade device, which cost a small fraction of what the space agency pays to take similar photographs. Link

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Er ... so you watched the one video and completely ignored all the links in the article to all the other people who've done it in the past?

And as I said, even that is just a sampling.
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"A guy phoned up who worked for Nasa who was interested in how we took the pictures..."

A guy phoned up who SAID HE worked for Nasa who was interested in how we took the pictures...
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I agree 100% with Ko and Wes. This is nothing new, and he does not deserve any recognition. Amateur scientists have been doing this for years, some even capturing more stunning images than his (such as students at University of Nevada). In fact, many people have done it cheaper than Robert.

As for Sean, I agree with him, too. But the NASA bit is true. However, it's just by chance that NASA stumbled upon his photos. It could have happened to anyone else that has been doing weather balloon near-space photography for the past 20 or so years.
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Hams have been doing this for years (mostly with radio links, not for pretty pictures). See for example. Nothing new with this guy.
And what's with "Photographers's" in the header?
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