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@Colin Graham

Agreed. The singular gender-neutral pronoun in English is "it".

Making up new words instead of using what we already have is ridiculous and unnecessary. Just because "it" doesn't sound like him/her/he/she, doesn't mean we have to make up new words that take the place of "it" that will "sound" better...

It's just silly.
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Take a look at the jellyfish life cycle.

It beats the hell out of this - they clone themselves en masse from their polyp stage (which can never end, causing many many clones to be released for as long as the polyp is living).

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They used to have chicken fajitas at every McDonald's. You know what? They were really good - better than the burgers and fries, and not terrible for you (plenty of veggies).

Those were the halcyon days...
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I guess she must have thought, "Gee, I could pull over and wait it out with no negative consequences, or I could report myself for a felony and pay thousands of dollars more for insurance over my lifetime. Yeah, I guess the insurance company needs more money."

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My high school failed us for being absent without excuse 5 times in a semester. Moreover, every 3 tardies counted as an absence.

Suffice it to say, I became adept at getting doctors notes and feigning illness.
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"The passive voice should never be used."

Ironic considering the sentence itself is thereby outlawed.

It should therefore read, "Never use the passive voice."

It's a crap rule anyway...
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