School Answering Machine

There's a video clip making the rounds on the Net about a supposed school answering machine.

The story goes like this: When administrators of the Maroochydore High School in Queensland, Australia, implemented a policy requiring students and parents to be responsible for attendance and homework, parents of children with failing grades sued. The staff of the school recorded this answering message as a response:

[YouTube Clip]

The video clip is going viral, perhaps it strikes a chord, but unfortunately, it's a hoax. Old Internet hands will remember a similar clip circulating back in 2002 with a different school name, the Pacific Palisades High School.

Snopes said:

In 1998 the sole high school in the Palisades Charter Schools group, the 2,400-student Charter High School, instituted an attendance policy mandating that any student absent without a valid excuse ten or more days per semester be failed, regardless of his academic achievements. One of the results of this policy was that in February 2002 forty Palisades High teachers assigned a total of 130 failing grades to students whose classwork would otherwise have merited passing grades, because those students recorded absences and tardiness in excess of the school's stated attendance policy.

After vociferous complaints (and threats of lawsuits) from parents who contended they were unaware of, or didn't agree with, Palisades High's attendance policy (even though every student and parent had been informed of it), LAUSD officials said the failing marks might have to be voided because the attendance policy was not submitted to and approved by the school board. Without board approval, the school must follow the policies of the LAUSD, which states that students must be graded on the work they do and attendance may not be used as a reason to fail

The staff of the Pacific Palisades High School did make the answering machine recording though it was never put on the school's system.

Still. It's funny. Thanks alientango!

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I can be fairly sure that the (very English) voice on the message is that of radio/TV/stage actress Stephanie Cole. Why would a US/Ozzie school use a foreigner to record such a message in the first place if it were genuine? I suspect that audio's been extracted from a British comedy programme
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My high school failed us for being absent without excuse 5 times in a semester. Moreover, every 3 tardies counted as an absence.

Suffice it to say, I became adept at getting doctors notes and feigning illness.
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"If you want this -message- in another language, move to a country that speaks it"

In the 'Tube it says "This is an actual messege at a school in Australia".

Yet the text says: "The staff of the Pacific Palisades High School did make the answering machine recording though it was never put on the school’s system."

...So in the end they didn't dare....?
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Forwarded to as many of the school's staff as I can remember the email addresses of. The one who's off with the dreaded PigPest could probably do with a laugh.
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