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I don't think so, Gurude. My husband (Florida born and New Orleans raised) Was taught by his mother to address all female adults as "Miss ". In fact, he still calls many of these family friends by that name, even now creeping up on middle age. Male family friends are addressed likewise as "Mr. ."

It is very common here in the south, even when I worked in daycare, for children to address adults in this manner. I believe it is more a term of respect towards ones elders than a term for a Fallen Woman. Considering the nuances of "southern hospitality", respect would be given even to "Miss Lilly's" face, though knowing nods would be passed behind her back.
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the standard yellow banana we know today isn't "gods creation" at all. It's the result of "domestication" by man... most all of the standard yellow bananas you see today are propigated asexually through plant offshoots and "corms".

"wild" bananas have rather large and inedible seeds. God created "wild" bananas. Man created yellow "Cavendish" bananas. Man also created this horrible misinformed video.
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As someone who was adopted herself, and whom discovered (after finding her birthmother) that my birth father does not know i exsist, I would hazard to guess that women who abandon thier babies do not have a support network to fall back on.. this means no loving partner, no supporting family. My mother was able to keep my older brother, whom she had with her first husband as a teen and was raised by his paternal grandparents, but I was given up for adoption because i was the product of a brief relationship that ended prior to her even discovering that she was pregnant and by that time was in no position to raise a child or have family who could take the responsibility on themselves. If a father figure is there to take that responsibility then of course, these women would not be in the position they are in. The sad fact is, too many people are all about the sexual act without thinking of the resulting consequences.
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Something has been bothering me lately... and that is the c"that's not neat, why is it on neatorama" posts i've been seeing. "neat" is relative. I find a post about a cute animal or a piece of artwork as interesting and "neat" as I found the post about the Sword killing contest. They were both educational and interesting in different, yet valid, ways. Variety is the spice of life. Just because you only find positive, happy, or cute subjects 'neat' doesnt mean the rest of us out here dont want to learn about the uglier side of life.

And I agree, the squirrel video was slightly cruel. But would you feel the same way if they had flung a big ugly sewer rat dripping with disease and sores? Probably not. The hipocracy from the PETA crowd is simply staggering.
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