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There is something to be said for telling you what you are going to be subjected to for your ticket. Especially since they bother to have a start time and running film time.
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LOL @ all the rabid and random librul remarks on internet forums now that Barry Hussein Soetoro is President..the best result of his win, besides the SOCIALISM.
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I can't imagine it becoming so popular to be disruptive. It's another thing to buy and restock on..I can't imagine the chalk on that lasting more than a day..unless you can adjust it forward when it wears down. Even then, you'd have to reload it quite often..that's a lot of revolutions.
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Awesome I was waiting for this. Thank you! I can go back to paying attention to Neatorama (it took me a while to find this post as I had stopped reading).
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Ugh Neatorama. The description was taken straight from the site, which my NoScript let me know has spyware. Also, this isn't an interesting story.

I stopped coming to Neatorama hoping that when I came back the 'kinks' from UQ would be ironed out and I wouldn't find it so annoying to scroll through but it's the same horribly written boring articles flooding the site. I love you guys but I think it's time to thrown in the UQ towel.
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Two Cents:

Great job trying to get this idea perfected. I think a lot of the problems can be solved with more stringent standards that can only be enforced by humans. That means a lot of work from the staff and I do really miss the old Neatorama. So far UQ hasn't produced anything like a regular post (even if it isn't a duplicate it's usually bland or pretty old) and it seems the staff is posting less and less (or maybe it just seems that way with the number of UQ posts increasing). The trade off hasn't been worth it and if the staff needs to devote even more time to filtering this stuff then that means even less Neato posts.

I'd just turn it into a way for people to submit tips. If they write about something particularly interesting and particularly well, then post that content and thank them with a link to their blog or something.
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100%. Interesting use of different types of logic.

The water one, general science rules dictate that theories aren't 100% true because there may be situations in which it is proven can only support a theory 100% but you can't really prove it 100%.

For some questions simple Venn diagrams worked. For the rest situational logic comes in handy, just think like a lawyer/devil's advocate.
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