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I have read this book. Actually, I read a bound galley before the book was even released. THIS IS A GREAT BOOK!!! READ THIS BOOK!!! It is beyond, beyond, beyond hilarious. Truly terrific brain fluff. I had to write a review. Here, to whet your appetite:

Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall, available July 2010 from Quirk Books, paperback, 256 pages, ISBN 1594744637

Enduring flashbacks after serving in Afghanistan, Jim Pike never wants to carry the burden of responsibility again. Unfortunately, a three-eyed zombie outbreak during a Star Trek convention at the Botany Bay Hotel in Houston, Texas, forces him to step into a command role (gold tunic and all) in order to save his sister, a booth babe, and the crew of an RV retrofitted to look like a starship. Leia, Jim’s cross genre love interest, proves to be a worthy zombie slaying companion as she racks up kills while running around in an iron bikini and plush Enterprise slippers. Tentacles, tasers, and terror make for a very good bit of fiction, indeed. While the myriad obscure references and inside jokes insure this book will be best fully appreciated by Trekkies (or, ahem, Trekkers) with the ability to laugh at themselves, the story is so clever, funny, action packed, and well written that anyone who enjoys comedic science fiction with a Shaun of the Dead vibe will enjoy this book even if they don’t know Spock from a pencil sharpener.
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I called my little Star Wars freak 9 year old son over to see this article. This is a direct quote from him:

"OK. I think the 21st century is finally starting to get to what it's supposed to be."
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OH, and let me add another rocking memoire, please:

_Brainiac_ by Ken Jennings

Seriously. Good book. You will laugh your ribs sore. I reread it a couple of times, read favorite passages aloud to friends, and passed it along for friends to enjoy. GREAT summer read. Perfect for exactly that: a summer read.
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OK, I'm trying not to get too heavy so I'll avoid anything to do with the Holocaust or anything too complicated science-y or thick theology-y.

Ten Recommendations:

1. _Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of a Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books_ by Aaron Lansky (I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is the alltime coolest memoire EVER. It is a quick read, not too deep, but oh so very, intensely worthwhile --- it's one of my top 3 favorite nonfiction books of alltime. I LOVE THIS BOOK. Seriously. Please read this book. Please. I LOVE THIS BOOK. You'll laugh. You'll cry. Etc., etc. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!)

2. 3 books: _The Cartoon History of the Universe I, II, and III_ all by Larry Gonick (highly recommended educational THICK comic compendiums -- exquisite. I recommend Gonick's wacked sense of humor. Read them in any order.)

3. _The Good Earth_ by Pearl Buck (an accessible literary classic that is a MUST read (beautiful book, rivetting story -- it will weave itself into your mind and soul)

4. _Microserfs_ by Douglas Coupland (geek classic, fluff, quick read and delightful)

5. any of Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire novels (pure fluff -- but GOOD fluff, zero intellectually redeeming value but oh so charming and suspenseful) My favorite entry in the series is _Club Dead_.

6. _The Search for God_ at Harvard by Ari Goldman (comparative religion lite - easy afternoon's read but good for ye ole thinking processes, very good writing - Goldman has a great way with words)

7. _The Monkey's Raincoat: Linked Poetry of the Basho School with Haiku Selections_ by Sarumino translated by Lenore Mayhew (pure beauty in small, breathtaking doses)

8. _Coal Miner's Daughter_ by Loretta Lynn (her autobiography from back in the 70's -- worthwhile read with poignant, earthy insights)

9. _The Serpent and the Rainbow_ by Wade Davis (Voodoun. The movie is an abomination - the book is the real deal. If you like it, I can recommend some more academic, heavier tomes on the subject.)

10. _We Had Everything But Money_ from Reiman Publications and its sequel _When the Banks Closed, We Opened Our Hearts_ from Reiman Publications (first hand accounts of life in America during The Great Depression -- extremely edifying, intriguing, worthwhile reads -- in bitesized chunks -- GOOD stuff)
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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now, can you please just arrange for me to be given Tory as a Christmas present? I'll take VERY good care of him. Thank you.
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Oh man. Now, I'm the whole rest of my day is going to have a creeped out edge to it. Bah!

The music was perfect for that, btw.

I will take real pleasure in feeding pencils into the electric pencil sharpener for the next few days.
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I graduated from the University of Alabama. I've seen the meteorite a gazillion times. You can, too. It's in the natural history museum in Smith Hall.

Visit, and maybe you'll get to have a paranormal experience with what is purported to be Dr. Smith's ghost. Heh.

There's a cute little museum display all about meteorite, and there sits the meteorite in its case ready to be viewed by classful after classful of elementary school students arriving in school busses each spring to tour the museum.

Regarding the complaint in another comment: I'm guessing that the reporter/photographer just had her hold any ole rock for the picture because they had already lost secure possession of the original. I can hear it now, "Oh, nobody'll be able to tell. Just hold this rock for effect. We just need a good picture."

Too bad the museum had to take their shrunken head collection off display. It was cool.
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