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Oddly enough, if this were near my location in Canada... I would snap it up in a second! If even just for the underground storage!

Im sure people around any wine country are thinking the same thing!
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I've had a few like this before. And as far as the meat goes. Its honestly not as tough as people think! Theres really little difference. Unless of course you over cook it. I'm assuming thats what people usually do
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Speaking of Lost...

Used to be a big fan!!.. Though its starting to piss me off lol

I wasn't a fan of fiction to begin with. But now its going a bit overboard.

The woman/girlfriend is still hooked on it.. so I have to watch it... I just hope they manage to pull it all together in the end.

As per the recent episode... If they go far enough into the future and end up as space monkeys... I'm going to freak right out... light my TV stand on fire... and feel a sense of calm while I watch them all burn on my LCD :D

Yeah yeah... I know that means I have issues... Its the only solution I can come up with though! Ive watched it for a few years and used to loved it! Now however...

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A complete waste of resources!

Whats next? Some Mayor that doesn't like guys with long hair?

Bet that will never fly. Picture 40,000 guys from the 80's with Mullets protesting on Capital Hill..All of which riding a Harley.

Not a pretty scene I agree!

Regardless of if you agree with it. I think the more important things in his city may be considered the following...

Local Health care facilities
Food Banks
Soup Kitchens
Animal control
Shelters for Women
Clean Water
Ect, Ect, Ect

I could go on and on as I am sure you could all do as well.

Surely this city has something more deserving of this effort than Baggy pants!!

I dress in a suit every day for work. I do this because of my own choice, my own free will. I do so in a place where it is not required however many of us do the same. So I guess I am guilty of conforming to an extent. When I come home however I dress in what makes me comfortable.

Regarding this instance though and...

Beyond the waste of resources. What right do any of us have to tell someone how to dress. As far as I am concerned as long as his or her genitals arent exposed. What is the big deal? We see their boxers? Get over it!

We as people should be evolved past this! I strongly disagree with those who object! If you as a person, cannot discern between a fashion choice and a class of people. In my opinion you are likely prone to racism as well.

Some of us need to get over ourselves!

Some of us that are influenced by friends, family, certain groups.. Need to pull their heads out from between their legs, Grow some balls and grow an opinion of their own. I feel bad for people who grow up with this hatred of others. A hatred of one group is easily transferred to the hatred of another.

Some of us just have no hope in hell in being rational when it comes to these things. Those are the ones I predict will carry on racism, carry on discrimination, carry on a belief that they are better than anyone else.

blah blah blah

This is much more than likely falling on deaf ears right now. Just had to write what I was thinking.

Point in closing. Waste of Tax Payers money, Waste of Resources, Waste of everyone's time!

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I agree with a lot of the opinions on here!

I think myself that this is a natural heating/cooling of the planet. We just havent been educated enough since the past hundred years or so to deal with it.

Our carbon emissions are a stones throw into a big pond compared to natural carbon emissions.

Time will tell, it may get a lot hotter in the summer months, and a lot colder in the winter months. Could be the entire opposite! We wont know until its happening.

Im all for reducing carbon emissions however at the same time I think there needs to be the same measures in place to increase global warming if need be.

The latter should be much easier.

Its not going to be easy either way though. Were just going to have to evolve as a species to make it past any changes.
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I know this wont help one bit in the big picture of things but I found his email, the email of his colleagues.

Now in the process of explaining how muchof a waste of personal resources this is.

I dont wear saggy pants myself, however I could care less that anyone else would.

You would think someone who has more than likely grown up with some racial prejudice for no more than the color of his skin... would post prejudice against thosee who choose to wear their pants a little too big.

Beyond me!
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If only this much energy was wasted trying to solve one of the worlds problems...

Im sure kids in Nigeria, Etheopia, ect would kill to be able to wear saggy pants!

When I use the word retarded, I mean no offence to those with disabilities, I direct it toward people in authority that have their heads stuck up their A$$ so far they cant see the light.
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Yip, their all dead now... but hey..

Their useless study of it.. totally justifies everything.

Very cool to see the colony, but sadistic as I might be.. I don't think I could kill a few million ants to see where they lived.
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