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I am prepared to take back some of the bad things I've said about cats. They're still just a poor man's ferret, but they clearly do possess some intelligence and charm.
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It is never not okay to crate the developmentally challenged coprophagous baby back up and ship it straight back to the orphanage where you got it from. I mean, god *damn*, what part of that sounds like a worthwhile parenting experience? Goldfish are more emotionally rewarding than that.
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So, what's the point of this game again? To demonstrate how winning and losing are arbitrary concepts, and that winning isn't inherently better than losing?
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And why will the next batch of kids be any different from the ones they just fed to the crows? I certainly don't foresee this incident instilling them with any great reverence for human life. Bloody savages.
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I've never understood how intelligent could possibly rate this book so highly. At its best, it's naive and ill-informed. At its worst, it's ham-fisted propaganda. The most favourable thing I can say for 1984 is that I can imagine its ideas were innovative and bold when it was published. Since then, it's been done over and over again, usually as part of a larger plot, and usually better.
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It's not inefficient, it's thorough. After all, it's not as if it can tell the difference between a dirty patch of carpet and a clean one.
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I have to wonder if it wouldn't have been kinder just to let her bleed out... As for everyone baying for blood from the ex-husband, murder/suicide is not generally the hallmark of a well mind. Considering he shot out his own eye, too, I think the seven years covers it.
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Some of the arguments here strikingly reminiscent of the devoutly religious arguing that, without religion, there'd be no ethics, and with much the same flaws in reasoning.

Before money, the so called "scut work" got done because it was recognised that it needed doing. I imagine that Star Fleet personnel would also recognise that, if they didn't crawl around inside a Jeffries Tube, something would stop working, the ship would break, and somebody could die.
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It's common sense to comply with any violent scum-bag who threatens you with a weapon. That just doesn't change the fact that he's a scum-bag, though.
Remember, boy and girls, that The Man is not your friend. The Man is nobodies friend but The Mans. The Man is not here to protect you or pursue justice. The Man is here to keep you in line so you can sheared in an orderly fashion.
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