Papua New Guinea Village Women Killed All Male Babies to Avoid War

Here's one gruesome way of avoiding a tribal warfare adopted by two villages in Papua New Guinea: kill every male babies born!

By virtually wiping out the 'male stock', tribal women hope they can avoid deadly bow-and-arrow wars between the villages in the future.

'Babies grow into men and men turn into warriors,' said Rona Luke, a village wife who is attending a special 'peace and reconciliation' meeting in the mountain village of Goroka.

'It's because of the terrible fights that have brought death and destruction to our villages for the past 20 years that all the womenfolk have agreed to have all new-born male babies killed,' said Mrs Luke.

'The women have had enough of men engaging in tribal conflicts and bringing misery to them.'


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And why will the next batch of kids be any different from the ones they just fed to the crows? I certainly don't foresee this incident instilling them with any great reverence for human life. Bloody savages.
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Truly sad that these victimized women had to go so far as to kill their own babies. As a mother myself, I would/will never harm my child. These women must have been brutally raped and (or) victimized very badly. Maybe their children's fathers were the rapists. Then, severe poverty and lack of education come in. My heart goes out to all the victims, the mothers and their beloved babies!
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A) The women from all the surrounding villages are participating in this. So no need to worry about invaders.
B) Any child conceived in rape is to be killed or aborted.
C) A tribe of all females -amazons not lesbians- is a great addition to society to remind the boys that women don't need them for anything but sex.

Response to article...
This is an excellent way to get males under control. It's a short term kill of a few baby boys, not a whole generation i.e. 20 years. It shows the men who's really got power over life, then the men will behave, no more boys will be killed. It will only be a year or two at most, hardly having any generational consequences. Japanese women did this to scare the hell out of American men when they invaded. The women were feared and the men behaved towards them.
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babies grow into men and men grow into warriors...Now, how great will it have been when:
A) someone else who DOES have men decides to invade
B) the villagers later cannot reproduce (except by rape from the invaders)
C) the women get killed by some other villagers. and/or lesbianism ensues. Mmm...
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