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"if you can't innovate, litigate!"

Ridiculously flippant. There are genuine patent concerns going on there. I don't know if you've noticed but Apple seems to have taken your statement a little more proactively; If you can't innovate, steal.

They have great products, but it's because they've stood on the shoulders of giants. Kodak just won part of a very justified landmark suit against them for patent infringement. Who innovated? Apple? NO.

I'm no defender of big business, but at that level of corporate play the lawsuits are a little more complicated than "oh, you're suing because you're jealous."
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What a total pile of assholes.
This isn't Neat. It's a blatant crime. Are you serious?
Purely idiotic and has no place in adult conversation about things as remotely serious as LOLcats. Don't give this friggin' idiots a venue to distribute. Take this post down.
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I can understand the company's side. If it's past its date, someone who might randomly have gotten sick with the stuff might sue. It's a liability thing. Actually, it's not even that. If it's a little past its date and someone who LOVES that brand doesn't notice, but DOES notice the taste is off, and drinks it - well, they might lose interest in the brand.

They should have just gone to a non dry college campus with a big truck and sold it off the back of it after checking peoples' IDs. They used to be able to do that.
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This sort of stuff. Man. I just roll my eyes these days. Oh, hey, you're trying to challenge my preconceived notions. Oooh boy. Super. Take that, society. Rarr.

The end result is undeniably cool. The intent, however, holds zero value for me.
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1) You can buy shotguns at Wal*Mart
2) model rockets are considered deadly weapons if used inappropriately like this.

3) this is awesome but idiotic to try to justify it. It cannot be justified as "oh it's fine, don't worry" - no, it's weapons mounted to a vehicle. It's sweet. And idiotic.
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The novel that, in my experience, has the most "accurate" depiction of space combat is the amazing Joe Haldeman's classic The Forever War.

Most of it happens while they're in stasis, by computers guessing about things light years away.
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"So wait, Jesus died for our sins, but we're still subject to the original sin?"

We are subject to original sin in that we are obligated to remember that it is because of the sacrifice of Jesus that we are free from it. Yes it applies, but because of the Lord's mercy its debt is paid.

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"Very very Skillfully done. Does he have no friends?"


The thought that something skillfully done equates a person to social ineptitude in your book...All the adjectives that come to mind sound incredibly insulting, so I won't say anything.
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Wow that's ridiculous. The hands-down easiest way to eat them is to put the wing into your mouth directly and strip the meat right off with your teeth. Not sideways like a cob of corn. The meat between the bones always pops up and out. Sheesh.

If you need two hands to eat a chicken wing, you're doing it wrong.
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Cute idea but it's a particularly terrible photoshop. It's beyond easy to make a lightsaber (just a line with an outer glow) but the light from them should be casting light on the people, too.

I do also find it humorous that the Brits are the Jedi...clearly the "rebels" should be the English.
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Carol your cousin's an idiot if he thought it would be funny to try to get away with endangering public safety for the sake of a joke. Not that I'm a fan of traffic cameras in the slightest.

All this reminds me of the guy who randomly filled out his vanity plate with zeros and the letter "O". He doesn't even know what his plate it. Neither do the people who try to read it on the cameras.
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That video was super super sweet. I had to adjust the speed of my treadmill to match the beat. LOVED that kid at 3:10 and the older gentleman right after.

That sumo-lookin' dude's clip would be great motivation to have life-size on repeat at a fitness club!
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"Abubakr’s arrangement means that the table can only be read by rotating it. That’s tricky with a textbook and impossible with most computer screens."

That's a pretty stupid statement. Obviously the text can be written all pointing the same direction. Just because the little boxes are centrally radial doesn't mean the text inside them has to be.
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