Save the Beer!

The municipal landfill in Columbia, Missouri got a delivery of 1,500 cases of beer. To be dumped in the landfill. Really. After 700 cases were destroyed, two city employees tried to salvage as much beer as possible. They considered it a rescue operation -and a victory!
And it was a victory, one to be celebrated with say a couple truck loads of free beer, even, that is until word got back to the fun haters in the main office who are going by the book on this one and calling the beer salvaging rescue effort, which some are now calling Operation Safe Suds, a theft and possibly a matter for the police. See, because anything left at the landfill officially becomes city property, these city employees were technically stealing this beer. One of the employees has already resigned from his position and both may face criminal charges.

Treehugger considers this a tragic waste, and has posted a list of 8 Ways To Use Beer, outside of putting it in a landfill. Link

PS: According to the original news story, the beer was discarded because its expiration date had passed. The beer distributor said that doesn't mean it was unhealthy, but may begin to lose taste.

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Man seen fleeing Columbia municipal landfill hauling Lil' Lugger brand trailer driving erratically and heard shouting 'Woohoo!’ Described as a yellow portly balding man, he was last seen heading toward (you guess it) Springfield, Mo.

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I can understand the company's side. If it's past its date, someone who might randomly have gotten sick with the stuff might sue. It's a liability thing. Actually, it's not even that. If it's a little past its date and someone who LOVES that brand doesn't notice, but DOES notice the taste is off, and drinks it - well, they might lose interest in the brand.

They should have just gone to a non dry college campus with a big truck and sold it off the back of it after checking peoples' IDs. They used to be able to do that.
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