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might help us 'hormonally imbalanced' freaks (aka women) get all the snide little antidotes up above if there was a way to enlarge the poster to show all the cute little barbs (aka can't read the text genius)....
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Just talking last night w/friends and beer (*raises hand*... present hedonist)about how the 'future generation' of workers in the US seem to be ill equipped to deal with the reality of what a job in corporate America is. What are the chances of the US educational system being revamped in time to actually impact these kids completely enveloped and engrossed in technology?
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That was wonderful, crying while typing here (sniff, sniff). Would love to have a Neatorama follow up that Edie has been adopted and gets lots of hugs everyday!
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We moved to a v. small town in MA from Silicon Valley and got the same response. Dumbfounded townies who expected you to just leave your money w/the tax collector, don't bother trying to make friends they're not interested...can't understand WHY their town is shrinking instead of growing isn't that everyone's idea of the American dream? My advice is move to a town with other newcomers and form your own circle of friends forget ever trying to break into the Townie clique.
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