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The population of Antarctica grows to about 4,000 in the "summer", with a little more than 1,000 in McMurdo Station alone.
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Er. There's something disconcerting about that kid. Like he's just seething with nervous energy. Sounds kind of like he's been over-coached maybe.
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He committed a crime, sure. But it doesn't sound like he hurt anybody, or even made that much money doing it. If only all criminals were like that. In a misguided way he even showed a little initiative. Hopefully he's able to get himself on the straight and narrow.
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I'm sure there's an interesting idea in there about how expensive it is to live in New York (or any major urban area, for that matter) or something about American consumerist culture. But she presents it in such a naive way. But on the other hand, I guess anybody would be excited if they saved 80 bucks. Even if they apparently has no idea how much money 80 bucks was. And this woman is a financial advisor? Yikes.
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That's hardly true, jill. Snipers are considered to be very skilled and held in very high esteem in the military. For instance, I'd bet that if you asked the men that were under fire from the two Taliban CoH Harrison hit, they'd probably say snipers are pretty great.
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it is worth pointing out that plenty of opponents to environmental regulation and climate change are there as well. and also lots of hypocrites, of course.
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It is a bit strange to think a insurance company would cut off benefits based of of some Facebook postings. Surely they'd consult a doctor first if they suspected something was hinky. Because imagine what could happen if she actually was suffering from depression, and had to go through all this. You'd think they'd want to cover their bases...
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