New Long Distance Shot Record: From 1.52 Miles Away

Craig Harrison, a British corporal of horse, broke the previous record for a long distance shot, not once, but twice at a distance of 8,120 feet or 1.52 miles.

"The first round hit a machine-gunner in the stomach and killed him outright," said Harrison.

"The second insurgent grabbed the weapon and turned as my second shot hit him in the side. He went down, too," Harrison told the Sunday Times of London.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by sshuggi.

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@Harrison is a phoney:

Am I not right in thinking that sights can be adjusted for distance, so rather than pointing his sight into the sky, this bloke could have estimated the distance his target is from him and adjusted his scope accordingly? Having got it right for the first kill, of course he wouldn't have to re-adjust for the second.
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I'm with the last bloke. This record seems so easy to break. I think I will claim it with my very own BS story. Let's see... Like the time I shot that taliban running right in the eye at 2999feet with my .303 Lee En...that was a good shot especially since I did it blindfolded... Come on Harrisson come clean, we know your mate is trying to do you a solid, not your fault I mean you didn't even know until months later.
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The shot wasn't incredible it was UNcredible.
At that range he didn't have enough scope. His hold would of been in the clouds. He was out of elevation and hash marks since the Schmidt only has approx 27 milrads and he would of needed to be aiming 46ish above target not to mention the crossair is thicker then the taget and with a 25x scope there is no way he could tell being the one shooting even if he had a 60x. Killed out right with a round to the stomach? I've seen dudes missing most of their pieces live.
The shot was confirmed by some other dude with a gps much later? Did he even measure the same two spots?
The only reason the other sniper was able to claim the longest shot was because his "spotter" was able to spot the fall of shot due to the use of a raufoss round (700g which detonates vs 250g which doesn't)on the 3rd attempt and actually stood beside the body.
Harrison your a fraud and real shooters (icluding some brits I have the pleasure of talking to)know it. 3 for 3 my eye your story is so full of holes....
And for those who cry about body's go ahead and sympathize let me know how that works out for you when they cutting off your head and murdering your children.
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This L115A3 that Graig Harrison used is probably one of, if not the finest sniper rifle there is available. With it being a 8.59mm calibre rifle, its more than a match for a .50 calibre.

C'mon Brits, show the rest how to shoot.
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