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And, lest we forget, Dr "Jolly" West. who decided to shoot up Philadelphia's favorite petting elephant with over 1,000 times the amount of LSD it would take to kill a human, and ... killed the elephant.

The sickest bit was when he had the nerve to ask the city for another elephant...
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Not the craziest idea by far -- but this doesn't make it not stupid.

Florida psychiatrists in the late '80s decided that child sex offenders should be forced to watch child porn movies and then babysit children...

Now THAT is whack-a-zoid!
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@Zaulankris: You are correct. Wishy-washy parenting is for the birds.

As a past parent, I can tell you what will mess up your child faster than anything. Don't let him/her help you ("because he/she might break it!")

Second one is agreements. Break every agreement you make with him/her. If say "Do that one more time and I'm gonna..." You da*n well better! But look at this on the positive side to: make agreements WITH him/her -- and you worry about YOU keeping them. They will probably do better than you at that.
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Of course a small child has the mental capacity to commit suicide, or sadness, or laughter or beauty.

If a six-year old can be one hell of a guitar player, or a two-year old can be a dang good drummer (youtube is littered with similar amazing kids) what kind of an idiot do you have to be to _not_ see that thsoe labeled as a "small child" are nothing more than people with small bodies?
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Of course health care would be up top - it's a major change in the US government from a Republic to a Socialist state.

Pity the children...
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I don't see what the big deal is - if we are made in his (human) image as the Bible says, then he is either male or female.

But if he is an all-seeing, all knowing, all-over-over-the-place kind of God, then he isn't human so he can not be either human male or female.

Of course the above do not preclude a non-human God from momentarily taking over or creating a human body to use temporarily for impregnating, which makes the question even more fun if we are still made "in his image"...
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