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I think it is possible to get to a point with this puzzle 12/21 where it is mathematically impossible to determine the next square without knowing the picture or guessing.
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She doesn't seem too bright. Her boss called her a HOPA and so three or four pictures later she decides this means Hot Piece Of Ass. Err, that's HPOA not HOPA. Shrug, hopa or happa is usually a term for some one who is half Asian half Caucasian. Dunno, she doesn't look hopa to me but if she is I'm sure she could have a case for discrimination. Incidentally, if he just has facebook up with farmvile it might record him as on it even if isn't actually currently playing.
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" The first appearance of "blue moon" is in a work entitled Rede Me and Be Not Wroth (1528): "Yf they say the mone is blewe/We must believe that it is true." According to the Oxford English Dictionary, "if the moon is blue" is equivalent to saying "if the moon were made of green cheese." In other words, it's meant to indicate a patent absurdity.

But you know how things go. Over time the meaning of "once in a blue moon" got watered down. First the expression went from meaning "never" to "once in a long while." Maybe it was that forest fire in 1950.

Today things are even worse. There is a popular conviction, which the media have done much to reinforce, that a blue moon is a second full moon occurring within a calendar month. This occurs every two or three years. So now "once in a blue moon" means "not all that often, but more often than the Olympics." The most recent blue moons occurred in January 1999 and again just two months later in March--a highly unusual circumstance that garnered a lot of attention from the press. "

From Cecil Adams, master of trivia at straightdope.com
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