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IIRC it's the sap that conducts the electricity.

What interests me is that it doesn't arc until the wood combusts. Presumably the flame itself has very low resistance and started the arc.
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The would be kidnappers probably never expected to get anywhere near the premier, so it probably didn't take much to foil the "plot". Let's be fair, they probably hadn't even thought about what they were going to do next.
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Sorry about the dual post, but...

There's a house just up the road who have a ridiculously long slip'n'slide down their ridiculously long front law every summer. It stops a few short feet short of a dry stone wall. Apparently nobody has had a serious intefrace with the wall, yet...

I don't think the lawn darts were every actually banned here in the UK, until quite recently I have seen them in use.

The exploding park flyer was not unique, it's probably down to a lithium ion battery. They don't like shocks and I've seen a few plane's apparently spontaneously combust after a hard landing. The tech has improved in that respect in the last few years. Having said that I've seen worse conflagrations with methanol fueled planes.
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Reinventing the wheel? We don't need it. The modern bicycle has evolved gradually for over a century and that's why it works so damned well in all it's variants. From a downhill monster to a track bike.

The only thing really holding back development is the UCI. Silly rules like having to have both wheels the same size and contstraints on riding positions do limit development.

However this is a redesign for the sake of a redesign and does nothing to improve the breed.
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Amazing that even though it first moved to the British Museum over 180 years ago it has never been publicly displayed with it's pages open. I find it irritating when publicly funded museums keep treasures hidden away. The public own them, the public have a right to see them. Museums do not, or at least should not, exist to store items only for academic study.

BTW while the Grauniad is well known for its typographical errors, however surely their proof readers should have spotted that 1.75m is not 5 feet.
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Vertical burials are certainly nothing new. But I don't see that using human force as a method of internent would work with this device. Screwing a big tapered screw like that into the ground would take a hunge amount of torque. The earth would need to be compressed sideways as the screw dug it's way down and if the burial were adjacent to other coffins the space in which to compress the earth would be limited. Better to dig a hole using an auger attachment on a backhoe and simply slide an unthreaded coffin into place.

This is an over complicated solution to a problem, but then you couldn't patent the method of digging a deep narrow hole with something like an auger and dropping in a traditional casket.

Also there is the matter of decomposition. Many religions have a tradition of returning the earthly remains to the earth. Encasing the cadaver in plastic means that this is going to take a very, very long time to happen.
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In my punk days we used to call wild red hair dye "cochineal red" even there were no insects in it. Here in the UK many people refer to red dye as cochineal no matter how it's made. Most people would be suprised what went into a lot of dyes in the past.

Any it's not just dyes. You may be suprised at some of the things used in tanning. Indeed prudes would probably be quite disgusted if they knew how white kid leather was treated.
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So you won't mind if I use any of your property that's not properly secure. I think I'll come and take the plants and a few tons of topsoil from your yard. I'll tow your car from outside the store and sell it for scrap. And so on and so forth.

The reason we don't take things belonging to others is not that they are secure, it is because we have developed certain "rules" about what is socially acceptable. Your reasoning sounds like good old fashioned Marxism to me.
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Oh and the accident rate isn't necessarily an indicator that a road is dangerous. The A682 has a high fatality rate because there are an awful lot of idiots with powerful motorbikes they can't handle and a mid life crisis.
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