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"Genre" sticks out as one. I thought it was "jean-er."

"Corps" is one I got called out on in a middle school history presentation.

"Facade" was fay-kade for a long time.

"Forte" was also mispronounced for-tay, but that's mostly because people generally speak in incorrectly anyway.
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I'm skeptical that "most people have a positive reaction to his collection." Unless I've grossly misjudged all people, I can't believe many people would be intrigued by such a stupid collection.
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An addition to the bit about apples being a forbidden fruit:

The Qu'ran suggests that the forbidden fruit might have been a banana. The text refers to the forbidden tree as one whose fruits "grow piled one on top of another, in long extended shade, and whose season is not limited." In other words, a banana plant.

I'm a bit surprised that Mr.Kris didn't pick on it as Mr. Koeppel spends a relatively long time on it in his book "Banana."

I agree, though, bananas would be a fantastic "B." Lots of crazy facts about bananas.
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I too dislike the new Upcoming Queue feature. I did notice a giant influx in number of posts before I realized it was due to the queue. Every day for the past week, I've contemplated taking Neatorama off of my Google Reader, which kills me because it was the first blog I ever read regularly and loved it!

But it's almost a chore these days to sift through the posts. I find myself almost dreading going through Neatorama posts, which is ridiculous! I keep doing it because I know there's great stuff buried in there, but I'm getting sick of it.

I agree with what others are saying: MAKE IT A SEPARATE RSS FEED or at least a separate website. That way, I can continue to read just a few high-quality posts and the people who enjoy the Upcoming Queue feature can enjoy its offerings. How's that?
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I didn't realize that this was a real place! One of my favorite recent music albums is "Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum" by a group called Tally Hall. I thought it was just something they made up.

It's real! Too cool.
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