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I called rue21 the other day and asked them, "Excuse me, which aisle do you keep your eggs in?" without missing a beat, the guy said "aisle 24, ma'am. May I direct you to the bacon aisle, also?" IMMD.
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I'm going to phrase Ms. Bensen's question a bit differently:

"I wonder who first looked at a cow and said, 'I'm gonna see what happens when I pull this thing that is on the underside of this animal and drink whatever squirts outta it....'." =D =D =D
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also, the tie between favorite scenes goes to the opening where Wonka compares the rich brat to a wart or the scene where Wonka talks about chocolate stimulating the sensation of love. The look on his face when the mom says "you don't say?" gets me every time!
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@ bart
oh my gosh the first time I made the connection between Jack and Wonka I laughed at myself four three minutes straight!!!

anyway, I agree on the songs. the originals were really good. for these, you couldn't remember a single word.
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