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Rick Moranis is so brilliant. He was my favorite on SCTV even though they were all great. But he could be anyone: Woody Allen, Jerry Todd the "vj", Dick Caveat . . . just brilliant.
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I highly recommend the book "A Rage to Live: A Biography of Richard and Isabel Burton" by Mary S. Lovell. A fascinating book not only about Richard Burton's travels but also about his feisty wife Isabel who accompanied him on some of his travels.
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I'm glad someone else mentioned that this was an awful movie based on a better book by Harry Harrison called "Make Room! Make Room!" There was practically nothing in the movie from the book other than the overpopulation issue. I wouldn't say this was Harrison's best book, but I used to like his other books and short stories when I was younger. It's been years since I've read them, though.
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In 5th grade, I corrected someone as they tried to read the word "melancholy" which I knew from reading "Alice in Wonderland" but had never heard pronounced. I thought it was "mel-ANK-o-lee" and my 5th grade teacher (not a very patient person) made a very sharp, snotty comment which made me blush with shame. How was I supposed to know it was "melon-collie"?
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