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"OBVIOUSLY, the USA was labelled as home to the most serial killers.... Please. What it IS home to is the most serial killers who are caught by the police, thank you very much and thank goodness! There are murders and disappearances in many countries but, here, we try to explain them and make a point of trying to stop them.

I thought giving the world a half-black president meant that we were going to be loved and respected by all now...? I guess the word didn't get to the guy making the graphic, huh."


BWAHAHA! You're funny :) Yes the rest of the world has never heard of a non-white leader before! thanks!!
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What a lousy design of the map.

Obivously causing people to read it wrong.

Big fail as the map design isnt consistant and have the names of the countries in different places.
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Have u people seen the trailer for the movie? It's awesome and fits perfectly into the universe of the original series except it might be even more crazy on the violence.

The Show was really big in Sweden too, both among girls and guys.
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Why would it be a aprils fools joke? These kind of facilities are common in more skandinavian prisons.

Everyone don't believe in a "prison break-esque" kind of prison where its like a living hell.
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We have "indians" in sweden too, called Sami people. But as a Swede I'm a bit ashamed that I barely know anything about them. We were taught in primary school about them and that was it from what I remember.
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Aah, just came from The Disney Christmas special on tv here in Sweden.

That's how we prioritize, first Kalle Anka, then Neatorama :D

PS: My girlfriend forced me to watch it. I swear.
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The thing with this poster is also that if you would zoom in on Leonardo Dicaprios face you can see the resemblance to director Christoper Nolan. Which seems to be a thing with this movie as previous behind the scenes photos of DiCaprio have a totally striking resemblance to the director himself.
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"The figurine is wearing a blue cloak because the red-and-white “modern” Santa was not created until 1931 for the Coca-Cola company."

Thats not correct though. Different santas from other country's which had the Santa myth have had red santas way before Coca Colas 1930's Santa.

It was Haddon Sundblom who made the Coca Cola ads but he based his santa on already existing Santa poems and pictures.

A Swedish illustrator named Jenny Nyström also made red Santas before Coca Colas ads as can seen here:

Also, Swedish artist John Bauer also made Santas with red santa hats even though they were based on the the smaller Tomte we had up in the north.

Thomas Nast also contributed to the look of todays Santa as Haddon Sundblom got a lot of inspiration from him;

But yes, Haddon Sundblom (of Swedish herritage) did help a lot to standardize the modern day Santa Claus.
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And you dont think that the police might have thought about that? That he would've left traces of himself all over the place.

And how the the hell would he have "sprinkled" saliva from a moose anyway?

It's also surprising that most of the comments here treats this case as a joke, I can understand the humour in it with the Python thing but think about the husband who had to sit in custody for five months when he wasn't guilty at all.
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