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Oh, grow up you sad losers. The kid is having fun and it's giving the adults a laugh. They weren`t "doing" anything to the kid. I`m so sick of Sourorama.
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Just plain Meg, maybe?

I'm with tofu and LisaL. I read an article a few days ago about how an unusual name shows how narcissistic the parent usually is. This mother must be a downright insufferable person.
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And how would that be "subsidizing" yachts and mansions? Tax dollars would have to be actively given to the wealthy in order to do that. Who's prepared to protect our kids from this monstrous debt that accumulating because people don't want to work?
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A "jobs" bill is robbing from those that do create wealth to give to those who strangle economic opportunities, just like encouraging unemployment with benefits.
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Possible article from 2100--all those bitterants added to aerosol sprays to keep you from huffing might have killed you!

Apparently Slate will let you write your own Amazon review! How thoughtful of them.
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Not fake. I used to work in Northern Alberta and I saw a bear just like this with her leg missing and a few cubs in tow. She certainly got up on her hind legs to clear a pipe laid alongside the road I was driving on.

Most likely got it stuck in a trap and lost it that way.
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China's "one-child policy" worked so well that their population grew by 50% since it's inception in 1979. Only 36% of all Chinese citizens are actually subjected to the policy. It is a system that is also subject to bribery and corruption.

It sounds so good, let's get that one-world government in place right now with no questions asked. I'm sure this will be fine.
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