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Braille tattoo pointless... Good find of Tyson.

But I agree with fdghgfnfghn- I know some blind people and they all have no problems "seeing" my tattoos. Blind people feel far better than seeing people, so these lyrics should give no problems whatsoever to blinds.

Aside from that, with these lyrics in this braille tattoo I think this lady makes a really point about the kind of out of the box reality of Björk as an artist. I for one especially admire this lady for her having such a tattoo.
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Ah the joys of recurring fashion trends-

The beak-shoe of the 15th-century has returned to us in force!

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I can't remember where, but several decades ago I saw several expensive artpieces that were labeled "still being thought out" - Some stacks of blank canvasses with on top of it a jar of canvas-preparer, a bunch of painters-brushes tubes of oilpaint, a bottle of varnish a bottle of the cheapest vodka and a package of tabacco for self to roll cigarettes.
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Hey if you're a Highly scientific High-Tech toilet-specialised bunch of people with all the funds in the world to make the best toilet of all times in the whole of the entire Universe--- that does not also nescessarily mean that you would have any knowledge on the needs for privacy and how to architectually accomplish that- For that you would only have the notion that another Highly scientific High-Tech toiletroom-specialised bunch of people with all the funds in the world to make the best toiletroom of all times in the whole of the entire Universe is needed...
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Some dwellings ago I had a the first type swooshing Star-Trek door from when they had to make the shows on shoestring-budget- Back then the swooshing door needed 2 stagehands that did the "automatic" sliding and a 3rd that did the accompanying pshhhh-sound. Mine worked just like that AND it rattled with the sound of badly fitted stained glass...

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When the FN-Minimi Para shortbarrel was introduced in my unit, we were told that it had a lifespan of 2 to 3 seconds and no more.

And it has no bayonet. Only several loose parts that could be used to throw separately.
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Gryt- Uhhh boat perhaps? Perhaps over the generations, the first times more or less accidentally blown over there by some storm while on fishing trips. And then when legend had it that there had to be some vast land filled with riches behind the Green Land, Leif Ericsson went there to get it?

Well at least they wouldn't have taken the airplane. That's for sure.
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I agree with Gauldar- The Vikings had slaves just as you and me have dishwashermachines and vacuum-cleaner-machines and all those electrickery-helps that we have nowadays.

...And even nowadays from time to time you can read that some perv has put his private parts in some household-appliance where the private part does not belong. Nowadays that mostly would lead to some unvoluntary visit to the hospital on the part of the perv- Back that that could lead to new kids....
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I think these ideas weren't so far fetched in view of that time. Some years earlier the strategists at the war department had research done and plans laid out for war scenario's with Canada in case the UK would lose a war in Europe. By 1942, talk in Nazi Germany was all about Things to Come in the 'You wait and see'-speeches of the Führer and his propaganda-machine. In 1942, the German U-boats were patrolling and sinking ships in sight of tha mainland of the US. So the threat of Germans at the footstep of the US was felt very real. And so while in the early 1940's one part of the strategists in the US was correctly calculating that the war would last only a few years more, others just had to count with the possibility that the Axis Forces had some hidden trumpcards up their sleeves to invade or at least attack the mainland of the US. And they all realised that those fears could be used to rally the public.
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Wel he did full exams before he went and he was acknowledged as being a muslim. He was acknowledged as Hadji, but he always kept it unclear if he had converted or if he had just pretended with full colours. When he married to a Muslim wife, he said to his European peers that he had put on a show. And when his days in the Colony were numbered, he just as easily cut off all ties with his Muslim families and remarried fully Christian, even naming his son "Christien". So I think he was a Fake. A fake with lots of knowledge, but a Fake nonetheless.
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Looking at some of those pictures, I truly wonder if the title really covers those pictures- What do I have in my pockets: 2 identical assault-knives and a Walther-PPK ...? ...Yeah right. And then- IF I would carry those pieces, I would be very sure NOT to send in evidence of that that somehow could be traced back to me (IP-adress), because it can land you in a load of problems with local law enforcement. Okay- perhaps in some other countries it's perfectly legal and even a life-necessity to carry such content.

But then again- some look very familiar.
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