Cat vs. Alligator

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Cat owns alligator. Then the alligator returns with reinforcements. No gator is a match for this kitty! -via The Daily What

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how dumb can people be- that cat could have been history in a heart beat, and the kids- gheese !
and the adults just doing their thing- " gee lookie"
kind of thing, I dont want them to care for my kids or my pets !! sorry, get the pets out away from the gators
and for goodness sake- watch the KIDS!
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As far as the kids and pets, ....
I'm from Florida, in the middle where the swamps are.
Alligators are very common here... VERY common. It's not unusual to see them every day.
While gators are very powerful, fast, and can be aggressive and dangerous, most are just lazily resting, and have no quarrel with people.

The danger comes from people feeding them. They begin to associate people with food.

Dogs are fair game though... gators like them some little dogs.
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Lots of city dwellers in these comments. It is nothing but beneficial to those kids and those cats to interact with gators in that manner. They're probably around them all the time. They get to see and learn how gators behave and will learn how to spot agressive mannerisms. Nobody in that video was in any more danger that anyone driving to work in the morning.
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This is a classic example of why most redneck trips to emergency begin with "Hey Y'all, watch this!!!!!"

It's not the cats, its the parents allowing the kids to get closer and closer to the gators that concerns me.
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