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Ide be glad to have Mr Horn as my neighbor. He wasn't out shooting people, he was sitting in his house and saw two assholes breaking into his neighbors house.
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Why is Neatorama so great?

Maybe because I have commented maybe a hundred times and I still don't have an account!! I like the trust in its readers and I like the layout you switched to this year.

Sometimes when I check Digg and Reddit I feel so full of politics and deaths and people lying or being bad. When I come back to my Neatorama I'm filled with sunshine dust and moon water, it is that wonderful. My girlfriend and I read Neatorama together so when i call her in Maryland, I live in Philly, we can chat about the latest post and go off on tangents about the subject like I remember the tree house post you put up awhile ago, that was(is) our dream to live in a tree house, that had us talking all night until she fell asleep on the phone. Neatorama is so cute like that.

Or when you posted about Hobbit houses awhile back or any post from Uncle Johns great bathroom reader.

My least favorite thing is the oddball videos someone will post, like those music videos, no offense Mr Stanhope!, but I think you are doing a wonderful job being my cavalier knights of smiles :D

- mrmark, mrelrayes, mark, etc.
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"Adam, we just don’t need music vids here. Youboob is great for that so let them keep doing it.
You mus be bored."

I agree, sans the negativity :D
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"How is this “neat” at all.

Just crap from a woman who looks like a man and sings with a low annoying voice with an overly narcissistic man who believes he is the most important and good-looking man in the world.

In my opinion this is crap."

agreed sans negative comment about the female singer.
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News article like this cause more fear... because thats what we need.

One kid does not equal the world.

Shame on you neatorama, this isn't neat at all.
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