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I've never had an issue with that. Then again the only cat I've ever had sleep on me could wake you up simply by stepping on your chest. Maine coons are heavy.
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As many wise people have said: "crap happens". The fact that the girl in question tried to get it out as soon as possible tells me she shouldn't be charged. Silly kitty probably learned it's lesson. It's gonna stay away now.
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I don't get why people care so much. How is a stray dog more important than one of the rats it eats for food? I can understand if it was an abusive home, but this is insane. (no I'm not defending Ellen, I personally don't like her)

@Jennifer: Yes. That is the way I interpret this. I personally find that disturbing. Caring about pets is one thing, forcing people to jump through legal hoops just to have them is stupid.
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Cool! Next teach it "search and destroy". Show it a picture of a rodent/bird, tell it "seek", then wait for it to find one and bring it back. :) Hehe.... I wish.
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@Jill I suppose the following would also greatly disturb you. A cat that eats the local wildlife:

Meh... cats were domesticated because of their hunting abilities. Tom(in the pic) even helps control the population of Grey squirrels in Britain. :) Many cats find living in a house to be very confining. They just know instinctively that there's more to life.
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Hehe... Do the haters bother reading? Leo and Riley aren't fat. That's why they got such a low ranking. Some of the rest aren't particularly unhealthy either. Granted some are deceased due to their weight problems, but most of the rest aren't. I don't remember where but I saw recently this funny story about a fat cat who tried to eat the neighborhood squirrels whenever they came near him.
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