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"At the IKEA I go to, I enter through the exit, walk against the flow of traffic, and use 5 shortcuts to get to the restaurant in like 3 minutes"

Really? At mine it takes one 'shortcut' (which is just an opening that's not featuring an arrow on the floor.)
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"each woman had a 15-minute visit from the clown, who performed a specific routine created by Friedler"

I find it probable that it increased the chance of conception, but I doubt that Friedler created the routine.
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"Therefore printers prefer 'justified' layouts (both the right and left edges of the text line up) over 'ragged right' layouts. The random spaces on the right edge of a ragged right layout make regulating the inkflow a bitch.."

What? No. Never. Right-justified printing is something that designers came up with. Ink coverage isn't a problem, and setting justified type back in the day was a serious bitch.

Seriously people, friends don't let friends double space after a period. You're just wasting paper.
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The selected quote in this context makes it look like it's blaming typographers for the double space, when the opposite is true.

Don't use two spaces people, unless you're trying to ape an elderly secretary.
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The Baltimore SF Society has been doing this for years:

(Also, can I 'unregister' my account? Posting was a lot less of a hassel before I went and registered.)
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